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“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” Join WizMantra online courses for English Speaking Classes / IELTS / TOEFL Spoken Course.Be future ready with us!
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a year ago
I have been enrolled in WizMantra advanced level English Speaking classes since 24th January 2020. This is for the first time I found a very good online English-speaking course. The course is helping me a lot in my professional English-speaking skills. My teacher Ms Tricia is a very experienced teacher. She prepares her lessons very well and consistently guiding me for improving my vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency of speaking. Thanks to WizMantra for their efforts of providing working professionals to improve their spoken English.
- Bikram M
a day ago
Wizmantra is the platform where u can learn in person with a tutor. Which is very important as it assists you to get every bit of attention individually. Also, my mentor is very amiable and proficient in the field. You can personalize your classes and timing according to your needs which is generally one of the constraints at other platforms.
- Rajat M
2 years ago
Experienced and professional instructors. Every topic was discussed in detail and important topics were rightly focused upon. Enough material was given to practice. Highly recommended! Thanks
- Gurmehar D

WizMantra Online English Speaking Class

WizMantra is a premier online tutoring institute in Gurgaon/ Gurugram/ Delhi NCR offering English/ Language learning classes to students/ professionals worldwide. WizMantra has specialization in training professionals for General/ Basic English speaking, Advance Spoken English communication, Public speaking classes, Interview preparation courses, Personality development classes, Accent & voice neutralization classes. Classes are organized only by digital medium where student can choose to take classes via Skype, hangout, phone calls.

Basic English Speaking Classes Gurgaon/ GuruGram: Ever felt embarrassing while talking to someone in English? Ever realized that you are not confident enough to initiate conversations in English? Ever felt the need to speak English in a proper manner? 

If yes, then look nowhere else than this course provided at WizMantra. English is becoming a part of our day to day life. Whether it is any phone call related to some plan, or just a salesperson at your door to sell his/her product, everyone starts conversations in English. It is becoming a globally accepted language and the need to speak English is increasing with each passing day. Learning a new language is not at all easy and thus a proper base is needed to understand the concepts and to build constructively on that base. Our classes provide that base as we have trained tutors who know the techniques to teaching a new language. 

Learn basic grammar, use of proper tenses as well as increase your vocabulary by joining our classes. These classes will build the perfect foundation that is required to master the English language. This course will bring the confidence in you to speak English easily, with proper use of tenses and grammar, and with proper pronunciation. We will not only teach you Basic English, but will also help you with the techniques to nourish you English speaking skills. Combine this course with our advance spoken English course to become a professional from beginner at English speaking. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to face situations that require English speaking and will never shy away from such circumstances. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

Advance spoken English classes in Gurgaon:  Are you into a profession that makes you realize that it is not enough to just speak Basic English? Do you feel jealous of people who speak English way too fluently than you? 

This advance spoken English course will surely take you a step above the rest and will make you more than just good at speaking English. For people of any age group, speaking fluent English is becoming a necessity as it opens a lot of prospects which are not there without proper English speaking. English language seems to be quite easy but it requires a lot of hard work and practice to become proficient in English. 

Our classes will increase your vocabulary by a great margin and will make you understand the use of proper words at the right time. Our trained professionals will instill the confidence in you so that you can speak fluent English even when you are in a group of people. 

Extraordinary training materials and mocks will ensure that you get the right amount of practice to become excellent at speaking English. This course will bring a charm to your personality as we all know what English speaking does to our personality. 

You will be able to converse fluently in English and you will be able to think about grabbing the opportunities related to moving abroad. Fluent English speaking is more than necessary if you ever think about going out of India. Join our course to become more than just fluent at English and make sure that you stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure  
English Writing Classes in Gurgaon/ Gurugram: English writing is becoming an integral part of almost everybody’s life nowadays. For a professional working at a company, writing precise emails with the perfect use of English is necessary, whereas for an entrepreneur, preparing perfect proposals with the correct use of words is necessary to leave an impact. Be it technical writing or content writing for blogs, everyone doing such works needs to have the perfect blend of thoughts as well as words that are to be written on paper. 

But, writing such things is not just about writing your thoughts on a paper; it is also about the use of proper words and proper English so that the writing creates an instant impression on the mind of the reader. 

Join our classes to know the technicalities of English writing and to become an effective writer. If you think about starting your profession in writing or feel the need of learning English writing in your existing profession, then these classes at WizMantra are the best possible option for you. We have the right people with the desired skills who will teach you the best methods to become successful at English writing. 

These writing skills will prove handy even while doing day to day activities like posting on social media etc. Also, this course will provide you the right direction to shape your career in the world of writing. For people not having their career in writing, our classes will teach you the English writing skills that will give a boost to your career and will open new and better career opportunities. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

Interview Preparation Classes Gurgaon: Ever wondered why people sometimes get rejected from interviews even when they possess the best technical capabilities among all the interviewees? 

It’s because interviews are not only about having the right knowledge of the desired topics, they are also about having the right qualities and having the right approach to tackle that situation. 

Multiple interview questions test the state of your mind and sometimes such questions decide your fate. Also, sometimes your fear to give an interview overcomes you and you fail to answer the most basic questions. Our classes will teach you every bit of an interview and will prepare you for an interview in all aspects. 

Our mocks will make you confident enough to tackle all kinds of interviews. We will make you aware of all the basic questions asked in an interview and will tell you the best possible answers to those questions according to your personality. We will improve your personality and will also help you with the body postures required while giving an interview. 

Our teachers are well aware of the things that go in the mind of an interviewer and thus they will help you with the best tricks and techniques to crack an interview. You can never babble on and pass an interview. It is about speaking the right words at the right time. Get your confidence at the right level and learn all the fundamentals of an interview by joining our classes and you will surely see the difference by the time you go for your next interview.  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure  
Personality Development Courses in Gurgaon: As cleverly and correctly stated by someone, beauty gets the attention and personality gets the heart. We all understand the importance of a good personality. Personality is the first thing that creates and impression in the mind of others, be it a verbal or a non verbal interaction. Your personality defines your qualities and how you are as a person. Whether it is an interview, or a presentation, or just a one on one meeting with someone having a greater stature than you, your personality drives your impression as well as your success. These personality development classes provided by WizMantra will not only improve your personality, but will make you a better person overall. We will enhance your personality by teaching you each and every aspect related to personality development. We will teach you the body gestures as well, which are a very crucial part of your personality. We will improve your communication skills, etiquette, body language as well as problem solving skills. 

All these things are a part of your personality and we will help you to master them. Personality is not a quality that can be developed in a day or two; in fact it requires proper guidance and exposure to develop your personality in a better way. Our trained experts know the in and outs of personality development and they will help you and teach you in the best possible manner. 

Your personality might become a reason of rejection from anywhere. So, before that happens, join our classes and develop a great personality that will surely play a major part in your future endeavors.  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure  
 Public Speaking Classes Gurgaon: Many of us become afraid to speak when we see a group of people. Stage fear, or not being actively involved in an audience are quite common among people who have the fear of public speaking. Public speaking not only involves your behaviour while you are the presenter in front of an audience, it also involves the way you react while talking to someone unknown or the way you interact while being a part of the audience. Public speaking is becoming an integral part of our lives. For individuals who are into a profession or are looking for career opportunities, becoming a great public speaker is a must. The day you become a good public speaker, lot of opportunities bang your door as it is a great quality to possess. Our classes help you to take your fear of public speaking out of your mind and give you an opportunity to conquer this world by becoming an extraordinary public speaker. Whether you want to start a career in public speaking or you are an entrepreneur and require public speaking in your day to day life, our classes will develop the skill that you require as a major part for your success. Also, people who are team leads or frequently give presentations will find our classes to be very useful. This course will develop a new you and by the end of this course, you will possess the quality of public speaking, which is necessary in today’s world to move ahead. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

IELTS online classes in Gurgaon: International English Language Testing System, commonly known as IELTS, is an exam to test your English proficiency that makes you eligible for further or higher education abroad. This exam measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication. Most of the institutes or organizations that operate outside India, ask for your IELTS exam score. This exam is not at all easy as it tests all the skills related to English, i.e., reading, writing, listening and speaking. Our classes help you to become proficient in all the English skills. Also, we prepare you on the basis of the questions asked in the IELTS exam. Our classes are completely oriented to the IELTS exam and we help you with all the tricks and techniques required to pass this exam. Our training will not only help you to pass the IELTS exam but will also build a great base of English language for you to progress ahead in your career. We will provide you all the information related to this exam such as format, number and type of questions, sections etc. Our mock exams will make you prepared in the best possible manner as you will get hands on experience of giving an exam totally similar to the IELTS exam. We will work on your weak points and will make you even stronger at your strong points. So if you think about going abroad for studying, then look nowhere else as we have the best trainers to train you in the best possible way. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

Spanish Classes in Gurgaon: Spanish is a very popular language. It is the second most important language of USA after English. In this world of globalisation, it is not enough to know just your native language. It is always beneficial to know a foreign language as well. And a great knowledge of Spanish is a great choice to decorate your resume with and stand out from the rest. There is a good scope of Spanish language as a career. Having a good level knowledge of this rich language provides great job opportunities in the lucrative, fast growing BPO sector and travel and tourism sector. Also, a good knowledge of Spanish increases career scope in hospitality as Spain is the third most visited country in the world. If you want to excel in life and learn this beautiful language, register to our Spanish classes now. We are dedicated to provide you the best learning experience. We will teach you to write, read and eventually speak fluent Spanish effectively. Learn from the best teachers all the grammar rules, vocabulary and also how to pronounce the words correctly. We cover everything- from the very basics to the advanced level Spanish language skills. We will also make sure that you become fully prepared for BPO sector related jobs and get placed in the best companies all over the world. We ensure you that at WizMantra you will learn Spanish in a fast, comprehensive and fun way. If you are eager to learn Spanish in the easiest way possible then join our course now. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure     

French Classes: French, often called the language of love, is one of the most widely used languages. Taught in almost all countries of the world, French is the language of culture. In today’s competitive world, it is very important to learn at least one or two foreign languages. And the ability to speak French is a great advantage for a person who wants a good career in the international market. Also, if you are someone planning to go abroad for higher educations, French really should be your choice. Students with a good knowledge of French can get selected in some very good French Universities. It is important to have a precise knowledge of the language. And our French Classes at WizMantra ensure that you get it. Our focus is on teaching French in an easy step-by-step process, starting from the basic French- the numbers, colours, name of food items, etc., and then going deeper into the language eventually making you able to express yourself fluently and precisely. We’ll teach you how to write and read French in a simple way. Also, our experts will train you to master the pronunciation as proper pronunciation is essential in French. We will also teach you about the French civilisation and French culture. We promise you that by the end of the course you will be able to communicate effectively and fluently in French. Register to our classes at WizMantra now to learn this beautiful language quickly and easily under the guidance of the best teachers ever. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

BPO Call Centre Training Classes Business process outsourcing (BPO) refers to the process of contracting the operations and responsibilities of business functions to a third party service provider. BPO sector has got a huge boom in the market in the past few years. The demand in Indian market is also increasing by a large margin as India provides very low labour costs and very skilled professionals. BPO sector is generating a large number of career options and it has become one of the best job options for individuals. BPO jobs are pretty distinct and require very skilled personalities. BPO jobs involve technical support, data processing, content writing etc. Major jobs come under the section of technical on call support and these jobs require an individual to be perfect while talking to foreign clients. These things are not developed on our own and thus our classes give you an opportunity to learn the techniques related to a BPO job. We teach you to handle on call support by improving your communication skills and by making you aware of the different accents across the world. As you deal with foreign clients in any BPO company, our classes teach you the ways to talk to different clients of different countries. Our classes also prepare you for the interviews of any BPO company. We will develop the right problem solving skills in you and if you think that the BPO sector is the right career option for you then these classes at WizMantra are the best you can get. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure   

Voice & Accent Classes in GurgaonVoice and accent are two major parts of the speaking skills that you possess. Sometimes, your job requires you to know about the major accents used across the globe or sometime your job requires you to vary your voice in such a way that it influences people around you. Our voice and accent training involves a lot of different sub trainings like accent neutralization, learning differences between basic accents, MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) removal, voice toning etc. Voice trainings are necessary to improve your way of speaking and voice in such a way that your voice influences the audience. Accent neutralization is all about neutralizing your accent so that it does not reflect the accent you acquire from your native place. We will also teach you the differences between US and UK accents and all the other major accents that are used in other parts of the world. MTI removal is all about removing the influence of your mother tongue while speaking other languages. All these things become necessary when you develop a career related to public speaking or you get a job in BPO or any kind of technical support where you have to deal with clients all over the world. These techniques will also help you to crack any type of interview and will make it easier for you to speak languages other than your mother tongue. Join our classes and make sure that you impress and influence others by improving your accent and by augmenting the way you speak. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

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